FL-335 ATTORNEY OR PARTY WITHOUT ATTORNEY OR GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY (under Family Code, 17400, 17406) (Name, state bar number, and address): FOR COURT USE ONLY To keep other people from seeing what you
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Who needs an FL-335 form?

In the US you cannot send a legal document to the intended recipient yourself. These legal documents should be sent by a third party (someone older than 18). The sender should complete Form FL-335 and return it to the person filing the claim as well as the intended recipient. The completed form must then be filed with the court.

What is the FL-335 form for?

California form FL-335 is a proof of service by mail. The person who serves the document must complete it for each party he or she sends legal documents to.

Is Form FL-335 accompanied by other forms?

The sender does not have to provide other forms together with this form; he should just serve the legal documents to the individual on behalf of the other party.

When is the form FL-335 due?

The sender should complete Form FL-335 immediately after mailing the legal documents.

How do I fill out the form FL-335?

The sender should provide the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number of the receiver of the documents

  • Name of the county in which the legal action is filed and the court’s address

  • Name of the petitioner/plaintiff, respondent\defendant

  • Case number

  • Hearing date, time and department

  • State that he or she is 18 years old

  • Print home or business address

  • List the documents that have been mailed

  • Print the name from the envelope containing the documents

  • Print the date from the envelope containing the documents

  • Print the address from the envelope containing the documents

  • Print the city and state the sender was in when mailing the envelope with the documents

  • State that the information is true and correct

The sender must also write his or her name, date and sign the form.

Where do I send the form FL-335?

The person who serves the legal documents should  complete this proof of service for each set of documents.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing fl 335
Instructions and Help about proff of service by mail form

Hi everybody its Andy and welcome again to my office in Modesto California I'm an attorney licensed to practice law in California as well as New York in this video we're going to go over a california specific form and it's specifically a proof of service unique to California family law cases it's the form FL 335 purpose service by mail so a perfect service if you've never kind of dealt with one or kind of seen one uproot the services basically it was seen showing that a particular document was sent from one party to another or from one party to the court et cetera so a proof of service is very very important to fill out because it's sort of a trail about what documents were delivered to who when and as you can probably imagine in court if you've ever been to court or if you're you know if you found this video you probably involve in court case right now dates you know you know when stuff is sent to who and so that can actually be very very important because in law there's a lot of like fixed deadlines like 30 days to do this two weeks to do this cetera some dates very very important in probably the kind of like northern part of California I guess doing family loss cases in various counties what I've noticed is that a lot of people particularly if they're doing it themselves actually especially if they're doing their family law case themselves they often don't know how to fill out the service where to get it why it's important etcetera so hopefully this video is going to go over all those questions for you so if you have a family law case so if you know that you're dealing with hopefully after seeing this video you'll know why the proof of service is so important so the up off 3035 form I was going to go over here the proof of service by mail also has a counterpart in to form ethanol three-30 that's proof of service by personal service the forms are very someone I'm going to shoot a companion video to this one in which I go over the form three-30 the personal service one but the forms are very very similar so you know if you see this video what you see then you look at the other one you'll kind of realize that kind of same so but some people want the 335 the the male one and then some people need the three-30 the personal ones I'm going to go ahead and shoot them both so anyway that said that's not kind of the introduction I guess so as you can probably imagine these forms were probably going to be along with a computer for the most part so well if you guys will hop online to being right now I will show you how to fill it out you can always pull these ones out by hand but I personally tighten everything that I send to court because they're kind of know that my handwriting is kind of bad but yeah so because help online with me right now and I will show you how to do it okay everybody welcome to the form FL 335 proof of service by mail for California family law cases as I described in the intro video there is also a companion form to this for...